Genetic Counselor Awareness Day, A Perspective

November 04, 2021
By Anne Greb, MS, CGC, 23andMe Lead, Medical EducationFor Genetic Counselor Awareness Day this year, we want to celebrate the important role genetic counselors play in healthcare, but we also...
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Resources for Healthcare Professionals

May 17, 2021
23andMe is committed to helping doctors and other healthcare professionals keep up with evolving patient conversations around genetics. That is why 23andMe has collaborated with Osmosis, a leader in educational...
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Navigating Family DNA Surprises, A Guide for Healthcare Providers

January 31, 2021
By Brianne Kirkpatrick, MS, LCGCHealthcare providers are used to the unexpected from patients showing up in the clinic: A scan ordered for liver symptoms might reveal a spot in the...
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Genetic Counselor Awareness Day at 23andMe

November 14, 2019
As part of Genetic Counselor Awareness Day, 23andMe's Anne Greb, MS, CGC, one of 23andMe's genetic counselors and lead on 23andMe's Medical Education team, answers a few of the most common questions she hears from customers. 
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A Study on Physicians’ Knowledge of Consumer Genetic Testing

November 13, 2019
A new study by researchers at 23andMe and Duke University found that when physicians undergo direct-to-consumer genetic tests themselves, the process boosts their interest, confidence, and comfort with this type of genetic testing, offering new opportunities to engage with their patients.
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23andMe At Family Medicine Experience Conference for Healthcare Professionals

September 20, 2019
23andMe will be at a conference to offer insights on how healthcare professionals can use consumer DNA genetic health reports to improve care.
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Common Misconceptions Healthcare Professionals have about 23andMe

September 09, 2019
By Eloycsia Ratliff, MPH, 23andMe Medical Education Project ManagerEditor’s note: This is the second in an occasional series about 23andMe’s Medical Education program.We sometimes hear misconceptions from healthcare professionals about...
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23andMe Data on the Genetics of Type 2 Diabetes

June 03, 2019
23andMe’s Senior Product Scientist, Michael Multhaup, Ph.D., will offer up some of what we’ve learned in a presentation at the American Diabetes Association conference titled “Polygenic Risk Score Predicts Type 2 Diabetes Susceptibility in a Diverse Consumer Genetic Database.”
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Spit, The Next Installment

November 27, 2018
The latest episodes of Spit, iHeartRadio’s podcast with 23andMe, includes more intelligent and raw conversations with artists, thinkers, and scientists across a variety of topics. This next batch of episodes...
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23andMe Sponsors Screening Film at Yale University Genetics Club

November 12, 2018
Working with the Yale Genetics Club, 23andMe helped to sponsor the screening of the film Thank You for Coming, a new documentary by Sara Lamm about genetic testing for someone who is a donor-conceived child.
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