The Genetics of Allergies

April 15, 2021
For many people, sniffling, sneezing, and rubbing itchy eyes is a rite of spring. Pollen wafting through the air from budding trees, grasses, and flowers during spring triggers allergy attacks...
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Tasty Genetics of a Supertaster

March 30, 2021
It’s not a superpower, but the genetics behind being what some call a “supertaster” might make for a pretty good argument against eating your broccoli. Supertasters have the good fortune,...
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A New 23andMe Report on Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency

March 17, 2021
23andMe recently added a new report on pyruvate kinase (PK) deficiency, a rare genetic disorder that can result in chronic anemia and other serious complications.* This new Carrier Status report...
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Fear of Public Speaking

March 15, 2021
It's not quite the number one fear, but about a quarter of Americans report having a fear of public speaking, and it turns out that some of that fear can be attributed to genetics. 23andMe's new trait report looks at one's likelihood of having a fear of public speaking.
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Heart Disease and Triglycerides, A New 23andMe+ Report

March 10, 2021
Pre-pandemic, heart disease kills more Americans than any other condition each year. So understanding your risks for heart disease and learning how to mitigate them is a good first step...
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Help Solving A Personal Medical Mystery

February 11, 2021
It started with bad sinus infections, then regular bouts of bronchitis, a seasonal cycle that gradually worsened over three decades. About ten years ago, this cycle evolved into pneumonia, putting...
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Take Action for Heart Health

February 01, 2021
February is American Heart Month: a time to learn about heart disease and healthy lifestyle actions you can take to prevent it.  Heart disease is responsible for over 600,000 deaths...
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23andMe’s New COVID-19 Severity Calculator

January 27, 2021
Using insights from 23andMe’s COVID-19 Research Study, our scientists have created a new interactive tool to help people better understand factors that contribute to a higher risk for hospitalizations due...
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23andMe’s New Lifestyle Dashboard

January 25, 2021
The biggest changes often start with the smallest of steps, and that is particularly true with your health. With our new Lifestyle Dashboards, 23andMe wants to help you along that...
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Physicians Increasingly Comfortable Discussing Consumer DNA Testing with Patients

January 15, 2021
In the last two years as interest in consumer DNA testing continues to remain strong, primary care physicians have become increasingly comfortable with discussing these results with their patients, a...
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