See You at the 2012 Personalized Medicine World Conference!

The 4th annual Personalized Medicine World Conference (PMWC) begins today at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley. 23andMe is excited to be a part of this unique event and we look forward to the engaging discussions that are sure to come out of it.Our Chief Business Officer Ashley Dombkowksi will talk about 23andMe’s unique research platform and opportunities for personalized medicine at 11:45 AM today in her talk, “ReSearch, MeSearch, WeSearch. How Genetics, Consumers, and the Power of Crowd Sourcing are Redefining Healthcare.”If you’re inspired by the idea of exploring your own genetic information or banding together with others to make meaningful research discoveries, come by our booth at PMWC to order a kit! 23andMe staff will be on site from 8am-4pm both days to answer questions, walk you through the Personal Genome Service ®, and get you started. We’ll also have fun freebies for you to take home with you and, if you mention the secret word “WeSearch”, you could take home a free t-shirt!*We hope to see you at PMWC!* While supplies last. Limit one t-shirt per person. No purchase necessary. Must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible. Prizes given at PMWC 2012.
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    Thanks so very much for sharing this information. Very informative. Very interesting. I am inspired to read your website on daily basis. I would love to get to the root of all my medical complaints which are mounting extremely fast. I have always been extremely active – all of my life – and now – I am constantly having “Pity Parties” with myself – crying because I hurt e v e r y w h e r e. I don’t think the doctors are believing me. I do not want a pain pill to shut me up – I just want a title for the problem, see the appropriate doctor, a long term solution, the right medication, and proper follow-up. I am a 67 year old black female, mixed race on father and mother side. Look like I’m 55 but feel like I’m 80. I’ve requested the DNA testing and hope there will be a solution for me. Thanks again