The Most Exciting Time in Science

There are grand visions about what genetic discoveries will be made in the distant future, but what about in the next five years.That was the question Dr. Eric Green, the director of the National Genome Research Institute, asked of 23andMe’s CEO and co-founder Anne Wojcicki. Anne recently participated in a discussions with Green and Yale University genetics professor, Dr. Richard Lifton, as part of a symposium at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. The talk revolved around the future of genomics, medicine and the impact genetic research will have globally on health care.For Anne, what is happening right now is most interesting.“It’s the most exciting time in science,” she said.Check out their conversation.
  • Neoliberal Agenda

    It’s been almost a year and the conflict with FDA has not been resolved and there no updates to the health reports 🙁

    Please, just move the company to a country where they don’t have stupid laws that forbid people to get information about their health. For people abroad, it won’t matter if samples are sent to Canada or US.

    The web site can easily be hosted in any country. Just do it.