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Find Your Inner Neanderthal

They had bigger brains and muscles, but for some reason Neanderthals —thick boned humans who thrived for hundreds of thousands of years in Europe and parts of Asia— died out about 30,000 years ago, while we modern humans survived. Why we, Homo sapiens, flourished and our Homo neandertalensis cousins died ...

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Ancestry at 23andMe: Finding Connections

In our last post, Sheridan* responded to her potential fifth cousin Akina and discovered that she has a potential second cousin through 23andMe’s Relative Finder feature. All of this is exciting, but she’s definitely starting to feel her lack of genealogy experience catching up with her. When she logs into ...

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23andMe Labs Kicks Off With Haplogroup Tree Mutation Mapper

The 23andMe Personal Genome Service™ offers information about customers' maternal and paternal ancestry by examining their mitochondrial DNA (which we all inherit from our mothers) and the Y chromosome (which is passed by fathers to their sons). Over our species' history new genetic variations have arisen ...

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