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A Birthday Wish For A Supercentenarian

On her 105th birthday, Dominguita Velasco danced so long that her worried family asked her to sit down. When she turned 111, she had a party with friends and family and blew out the blaze of candles on her cake. Never far from her daughter, grandson and great grandchildren and always involved in her Oakland ...

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23andMe Longevity Survey: Help Us Discover the Keys to Living a Long, Healthy Life

From alchemists and the Philosopher's Stone to Ponce de Leon and the Fountain of Youth, history is full of stories of people searching for a way to extend life indefinitely.  In recent years, discoveries about the biology of aging have brought us closer to that dream than ever before.  Now 23andMe is asking ...

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Study of Common Variants Finds Rare Mutation With Implications For Heart Disease Prevention

Genome-wide association studies, the research projects that connect SNPs to different traits and conditions (and fuel much of the 23andMe Health and Traits feature), focus on fairly common genetic variations that generally have small effects on risk. But critics of this type of research charge that ...

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