Expect the Unexpected: Rare Mutation Frequencies

November 13, 2012
23andMe’s genetic health reports cover 191 rare genetic mutations in addition to more common variants related to disease. While it’s relatively easy to learn about common variants, our knowledge of...
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23andMe’s Presentations at ASHG

November 09, 2012
This week our scientists have been busy at the American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting in San Francisco. As promised we’re putting up links to each of the posters...
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Improving the Experience of Participating in Research

November 06, 2012
(Editor’s note: Here is a link to Joyce’s poster presented at ASHG.) Genetic research often requires people willing to share their time and answer questions for the sake of scientific...
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Whole-Genome Sequencing of Parkinson’s Patients

November 05, 2012
(Editor’s note: Here is a link to Cory’s poster presented at ASHG.) Parkinson’s disease (PD) research has long been a priority at 23andMe. Our Parkinson’s research community is one of...
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23andMe Moves into the World of Sequencing

November 02, 2012
(Editor’s note: Here is a link to Eoghan’s poster presented at ASHG.) People often use the terms “genotyping” and “sequencing” interchangeably, but they are quite different ways of approaching genetic...
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Investigating the Rare

November 01, 2012
(Editor’s note: Here is a link to Brian’s poster presented at ASHG.) Rare events are hard to study, and this is especially true in genetics. Imagine you have a group...
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Researcher Investigates His Own Genetic Mutation

October 26, 2012
What would you do if you found out that you had a rare and possibly life-threatening genetic mutation? You’d probably talk to relatives about your family medical history.  You’d likely...
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The Genetics of Nearsightedness, Stretch Marks, and Motion Sickness

October 09, 2012
Amy Kiefer is a Survey Research Manager at 23andMe. She joined the company in 2008. What do nearsightedness, stretch marks, and motion sickness have to do with each other? They...
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