Practicing Radical Self Care with Cherice Harrison-Nelson

February 23, 2022
Blog editor’s note: This #BlackHistoryMonth, 23andMe employees are celebrating joy and resilience in the Black and African diaspora through events, art, and conversations. We’ve also curated a series of guest...
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Tracing Roots in Africa

February 21, 2022
An update of 23andMe's Ancestry Composition, that includes 25 new ethnolinguistic groups in Africa ,is helping customers like Jamila to learn about cultures and groups with whom she and her family are connected.
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Reflecting on Improving Diversity in 23andMe Research for Black History Month

February 03, 2021
February marks a time to remember and celebrate people of the African diaspora. To kick off a Black History Month of reflection, we’d like to highlight some of the projects...
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Recognizing African Americans Who Contributed to Scientific Advancement

February 26, 2019
23andMe is sharing the untold stories of a few of the African-American scientists and figures who contributed to science as part of our recognition of Black History Month this year.
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Genetic Research Lags for African Americans

February 23, 2012
Although there has been a recent boom in DNA research, little is known about the connection between DNA and disease in African Americans. Since discoveries made in one population aren’t always applicable to other ancestral groups, it is important to carry out additional research. Bridging the gap in research is particularly important for diseases that affect African Americans more than the rest of the population.
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