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23andMe to Present Data from Sarcoma Research at Oncology Conference

Starting today cancer researchers will be gathering in Chicago at the meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Researchers and doctors at the annual meeting — the world’s largest oncology conference — will hear about the most promising drugs being developed to fight cancer. They’ll spend five ...

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Breast Cancer Research Goes Online

Clinical trials are often conducted at major hospitals and medical centers.  As you can imagine, it can be expensive to use hospital resources and take a large amount of doctors’ and nurses’ time. It can also be difficult to find people to participate in clinical trials.  For those who do participate, it ...

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SNPwatch: Genetic Variation In Tumor Suppressor May Predict Worse Outcome for African American Colorectal Cancer Patients

SNPwatch gives you the latest news about research linking various traits and conditions to individual genetic variations. These studies are exciting because they offer a glimpse into how genetics may affect our bodies and health; but in most cases, more work is needed before this research can provide ...

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