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The Rest of the Iceberg

In a recent post we used an analysis of Craig Venter’s genome to illustrate how much has yet to be learned about the relationship between genetic variation and health-related traits. A new paper by Venter and colleagues at his Rockville, Maryland-based institute provides a prime example. Writing in the ...

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One Man’s Exons: Craig Venter’s Genome Offers Clues About the Future of Personal Genomics

What we know today about the correlation between genetic variation and observable effects on people's health, physical appearance and other traits is just the tip of the iceberg, according to a paper published Friday in PLoS Genetics. The paper analyzes Craig Venter's exons — the parts of the genome that ...

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23andMe Genotyping Technology Aces Independent Tests

Sometimes our customers ask us about the accuracy of their 23andMe data. How certain are we that they really do have the genotypes we report? The answer is, very certain. We typically claim that the genotyping technology we use reports the correct call for more than 99.9 percent of the approximately ...

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