The Genetics of Allergies

April 15, 2021
For many people, sniffling, sneezing, and rubbing itchy eyes is a rite of spring. Pollen wafting through the air from budding trees, grasses, and flowers during spring triggers allergy attacks...
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Cats and Dogs and People

November 12, 2020
Research shows that there really are “cat people” and “dog people.” Being one or the other is associated with differences in personality and well-being, according to new data analyzed by...
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Canine Olympians

August 09, 2012
Watching the Olympics, I am awed by the athleticism of the contestants: they compete with strength, skill and coordination that I could hardly dream of possessing. Certainly hard work and...
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How Did the Shar-Pei Get His Wrinkly Skin?

March 23, 2012
March 23rd is National Puppy Day! How did the Shar-Pei get his wrinkly skin? The question sounds like the beginning of one of Kipling’s “Just So” stories, but this and...
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2009 Blog Highlights – Part 2

December 30, 2009
In our last post we highlighted a few of the coolest (in our opinion!) health-related developments of 2009.   But human genetics isn’t all about disease.   Here are a...
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Study Sniffs Out Genes Behind Doggy ‘Dos

August 31, 2009
New genetic research may explain why Fluffy is so fluffy. A study led by researchers at the National Human Genome Research Institute scanned 1,000 dogs from 80 breeds, looking for...
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Single Gene Responsible For Stubby Legs In Dogs

July 17, 2009
On occasion, the Blog departs from its usual mission of bringing you the latest and greatest in human genetics news in order to report on particularly interesting discoveries in other...
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Gene Links Gout in Humans with Bladder Stones in Dalmatian Dogs

November 07, 2008
When they eat purines, a class of chemicals that are found in many types of food and most abundant in organ meats and some types of fish and shellfish,, most...
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