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No, I’m Not Irish

So where did that red hair come from? by Kasia Bryc, 23andMe Population Geneticist Most people who see my unruly wild red hair often assume I must be Irish. I’m not. As a first generation immigrant from Poland, I don’t have any ancestors from Ireland. Yes, really, just take a look at my 23andMe ...

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23andMe Makes More Improvements to Ancestry Features

23andMe’s popular Ancestry Composition just got a little better. The feature estimates what percentage of your DNA comes from populations around the world, breaking down the Asian, African or European ancestry to give you insight into the geographic origins of your ancestors going back many ...

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Mother Europe

The story of H is really the story of people in modern Europe. H refers to a maternal lineage — also known as a maternal haplogroup — that originated long ago in the Near East but expanded into Europe with the recession of the last Ice Age. H —with its dozens of subgroups — is the most prevalent haplogroup ...

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