After the Click, Knowing BRCA, Laura’s Story

June 30, 2022
We’ve talked to hundreds of 23andMe customers about what they did ‘after the click,’ after they opened up a report and learned about an unknown risk for breast cancer, or lung and liver disease, or cardiac and neurological issues.  Most often, the response isn’t one of fear but empowerment.  Suddenly they and their doctor have the information they can use to follow up on a risk in order to prevent or treat a serious illness. And this is often for risks they wouldn’t have known of otherwise. 
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An Update on Our Hiring Data

June 28, 2022
23andMe was founded with a mission: to help all people access, understand, and benefit from the human genome.  An inclusive, equitable workplace is essential to that mission. While our company...
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Say Hey to Our 2022 Interns

June 23, 2022
It’s summer again, which means 23andMe has a new class of interns. Although the pandemic put a brief pause on our intern program, we restarted the program last year with interns working remotely. This year, we’ll have a hybrid program with some interns working remotely and others in the office or lab. This marks the fifth year of our program. s with each new class of interns, these talented young professionals will be working company-wide from internal communications and marketing to engineering and IT and from research and Therapeutics.
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We Got the Beat

June 19, 2022
A new genetic study in the journal Nature Human Behavior led by researchers at Vanderbilt University and 23andMe found more than 60 regions of the genome associated with beat synchronization, the ability to move in time with the beat of music.
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New 23andMe+ Report on Rosacea

June 15, 2022
This week, we released a new report Powered by 23andMe Research on Rosacea for 23andMe+ members. Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that typically affects the central parts of the...
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Best Father’s Day Gift Ever

June 09, 2022
Father’s Day has a little more significance this year for Rick, a 53-year-old real estate agent in Key West. Thanks to 23andMe, the lifelong bachelor learned late last year that...
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Privacy Simplified

June 08, 2022
In the interest of clarity and transparency, 23andMe has made some improvements to its Privacy Policy pages. We’re really excited to share the details of the changes in the Privacy Statement in particular. We’ve simplified the language within our Privacy Statement, Terms of Service, and other legal documents with the goal of making them easier to understand and more accessible. 
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Protect LGBTQ+ Rights and Health

June 06, 2022
By Jey McCreight, Ph.D. I keep hoping for the right moment to write this Pride 2022 blog post—the moment when the news isn’t all about another piece of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation,...
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Better Together: Sisters Meet for the First Time

June 01, 2022
Limia Ravart remembers the 23andMe message that changed her life. “Hi. My name is Hannah Raleigh, and apparently I am your biological sister,” it began. “I have been thinking about...
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23andMe Improves Carrier Status Report for People with Asian Ancestry

May 31, 2022
23andMe updated its report on an inherited condition characterized by mild to profound hearing loss.The update to 23andMe’s Nonsyndromic Hearing Loss and Deafness, DFNB1 (GJB2-Related) Carrier Status report* adds six...
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