23andMe Offers Revelations for Adoptee Searching for His Siblings

September 17, 2021
Adoptee and filmmaker Aaron Harris used 23andMe to help him learn more about himself, and his connections to his birth family.
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Taking Control for a Healthier Pregnancy 

September 15, 2021
23andMe released a new 23andMe+ report on gestational diabetes report, which affects an estimated 6 to 9 percent of those expecting. The report looks at a person's ethnicity and more than 6,000 genetic variants associated with developing gestational diabetes mellitus, commonly known as gestational diabetes, during pregnancy.
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Talking About Rare Disease with Senior Scientist Suyash Shringarpure

September 14, 2021
23andMe senior scientist in statistical genetics, Suyash Shringarpure, Ph.D. talks about 23andMe's research model and how it offers a surprising opportunity in the study of rare diseases.
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Raising Awareness About Fatty Liver Disease

September 08, 2021
Wayne Eskridge CEO of the Fatty Liver Foundation wants to raise awareness about fatty liver disease, and help people make changes toward better health.
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Making 23andMe More Inclusive for All Genders

September 01, 2021
23andMe now allows customers to distinguish between their sex assigned at birth and their gender. This allows all customers, but especially our transgender and/or non-binary customers, to have their gender accurately reflected in relevant product features.
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Felt Ill After COVID-19 Vaccine? It May Depend on Which Vaccine and Whether You’ve Had COVID-19

August 26, 2021
23andMe looks at data showing the different reactions people reported to the three COVID-19 vaccines used in the United States.
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The Genetics of Loving or Hating Marmite

August 24, 2021
23andMe found that a person's genetics partially explains some of the appeal of Marmite. Looking at data from more than 100,000 23andMe research participants, scientits found three genetic variants associated with "loving" Marmite. 
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23andMe Looks at Data on E-Cigarette Use

August 18, 2021
By Alexa Reynoso, 23andMe Associate Scientist, Genetic Epidemiology The use of electronic cigarettes, or vaping, is associated with several unhealthy behaviors and traits particularly among young people, according to new...
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Doing Something Positive For Your Health

August 16, 2021
Ann, who formerly worked caring for the elderly, learned firsthand how chronic conditions could impact you as you age. So this year after looking at her 23andMe reports, she decided...
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Intern-al Perspectives

August 13, 2021
23andMe’s internship program provides a diverse array of people with valuable experience and room to grow personally and professionally. The 2021 class of interns was the first to operate remotely,...
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