Family Reunion Time

May 15, 2015
World Records often involve peril and great feats of courage, and in a way A.J. Jacobs’ plan to stage a Global Family Reunion in New York City this June is...
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DNA USA* Revisited

March 04, 2014
Using anonymous aggregated data 23andMe look sat the mix of African, European and Native American ancestry in the United States to gather an illuminating genetic portrait of the U.S. that both confirms some of what we know about America’s social history but also other things that are surprising and new.
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Make That Three Degrees of Separation

June 04, 2012
It’s an irony that as the world’s population has grown exponentially in the last 500 years – from about half a billion to now seven billion – we are actually closer and more connected. Previous theories of connectivity focused on social connections, the so-called six degrees of separation. But DNA now shows that people are linked through a much shorter chain.
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Ancestral Traits

April 17, 2012
Just as jazz greats Harry Connick Jr. and Brandon Marsalis wondered, in the first segment of the PBS series Finding Your Roots, whether they had musical ancestors, you too might wonder where you got your penchant for painting or your bright blue eyes. Perhaps that trait you share with someone in your family tree comes from a little shared DNA.
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Behind the Scenes with PBS’s Finding Your Roots

March 19, 2012
As a PBS cameraman recorded the scene, 23andMe scientist Mike Macpherson drew lines connecting photographs of about two dozen celebrities to one another while  Henry Louis Gates Jr. riffed on...
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