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Family Reunion Time

World Records often involve peril and great feats of courage, and in a way A.J. Jacobs’ plan to stage a Global Family Reunion in New York City this June is a kind of daring tightrope walk of its own. The daylong event — which the New York Times recently described as “part TED talk, part Coachella and part ...

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Editor's note 3/17: Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates wrote about Kasia's research and "hidden African ancestry" in the The Root. Check it out. Scientists have long used DNA to inform our understanding of big epochs of human change and migration. But what about the smaller changes, can DNA tell us ...

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Make That Three Degrees of Separation

Check out this post to see an illustration of the three degrees of separation between guests on Finding Your Roots. When we learn about our ancestors, who they were and where they came from, the discoveries become part of how we define ourselves and how we understand ourselves to be unique. The PBS series ...

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Ancestral Traits

"Musical Royalty": Watch the video from the PBS series Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr., as he speaks with Branford Marsalis about his relative Wellman Braud, a pioneering jazz bassist. Just as jazz greats Harry Connick Jr. and Branford Marsalis wondered, in the first segment of the PBS series ...

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Behind the Scenes with PBS’s Finding Your Roots

As a PBS cameraman recorded the scene, 23andMe scientist Mike Macpherson drew lines connecting photographs of about two dozen celebrities to one another while Henry Louis Gates Jr. riffed on what those links all mean. The connections were sometimes direct family relations but more often than not each ...

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