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DNA Relatives Milestone

Last month for DNA Day, 23andMe took a look back at some of our own milestones, but a few of our customers pointed out a glaring omission from that list — the creation of what is now DNA Relatives. So we decided to take note of that historical moment for 23andMe and put it into perspective. Back in 2009 ...

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Our Neanderthal Cousins

There’s much to recommend in Carl Zimmer’s profile of David Reich in Discovery Magazine, not least of which are details on our favorite extinct human cousins, Neanderthals. While Neanderthals are the rock stars of the piece, Zimmer also gives a good primer on human evolution, ancient migration out of ...

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23andMe’s Newest Feature Explores Your Ancestry

Mike and Eric Our team rolled out a new feature called Ancestry Composition last week that will tell you more about what you’re made of, or more precisely, the geographic origins of your DNA. Principal Product Scientist Mike Macpherson, former Research Scientist Chuong “Tom” Do, and Computational ...

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23andMe at the Genealogy Jamboree

With assorted schwag in hand, our team of elite 23andMers headed to Burbank last weekend to pass out a few free kits, some t-shirts and mingle with some of the most committed genealogists on the planet. Mike Macpherson ready to answer a few ancestry questions. This year’s Southern California Genealogy ...

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Behind the Scenes with PBS’s Finding Your Roots

As a PBS cameraman recorded the scene, 23andMe scientist Mike Macpherson drew lines connecting photographs of about two dozen celebrities to one another while Henry Louis Gates Jr. riffed on what those links all mean. The connections were sometimes direct family relations but more often than not each ...

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