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DNA, Eh — Canadian Genome Project in the News

You’ve got to love the lead sentence of the Daily Globe and Mail story about the launch of a Canadian Genome Project: “Jill Davies is Canuck One.” Ms. Davies is the first of what researchers hope will be 100,000 people to join the Personal Genome Project in Canada. Like its counterpart in the United ...

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23andMe….and me: Interview with Esther Dyson

Esther Dyson is a Director of 23andMe and an investor in numerous Internet, private aviation, space and health care ventures.  She has also shared her genetic data, medical records and other personal information with the research community and the general public as a research subject for the Personal Genome ...

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Steven Pinker on Personal Genomics

For an insightful and thought-provoking essay on the present and future of personal genomics, as well as the role that 23andMe is playing in its advancement, check out Steven Pinker's essay "My Genome, My Self" in this week's New York Times magazine. Pinker, who is a 23andMe customer himself and also a ...

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