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Science On the Beach

From studies that explain how 23andMe’s massive database can accelerate the targeting and development of disease-fighting drugs, to DNA research which uncovers the legacy of dynamic mixing in the New World over the last 500 years, 23andMe will again put its best science forward at the annual meeting of the ...

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23andMe Customers’ Reported Side-Effects To Drugs

As many as one-third of customers in a 23andMe survey reported some sort of side effect from prescription or over-the-counter medication, according to data compiled by our researchers. The results confirm that people often experience unintended effects from medication. Most of the time those effects are ...

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What Does Your Doctor Know About Genetic Testing For Drug Response?

Your doctor, undoubtedly, knows quite a lot.  She went through four grueling years of medical school, passed a rigorous set of board exams, and completed at least one intensive residency in her speciality.   What may surprise you, however, is that she may not know very much about pharmacogenetics, the study ...

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