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Three Degrees of Separation At SXSW

For the tens of thousands of people at the South by Southwest conference in Austin this week, attending is about more than just seeing new music and hearing about new ideas, it’s about making new connections. But 23andMe researchers found that just about everybody there is already connected. In fact any ...

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Three Degrees of 23andMe

Shawna, one of 23andMe's customer care representatives, who has a degree in biological sciences focusing her studies on genetics, put together this video and post that illustrates the interconnectedness between all people. Enjoy. We hope it inspires your own journey through your DNA. 23andMe’s Customer ...

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Three Degrees of Genetic Separation

(Click to enlarge) While the PBS series Finding Your Roots made only passing reference to connections between guests, the truth is that each guest is separated from each other guest by at most three degrees -- genetically. What the graph above shows is a simplified view of just some of the connections ...

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