23andMe’s New Research Overview Page

September 26, 2018
To ensure that our customers can easily see how their contributions are making a difference, 23andMe created a new Research Overview page.
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23andMe Research and Insight on the Go

November 22, 2015
Answering quick and simple surveys allows our scientists to make important discoveries. 23andMe’s new mobile application is changing how genetic research is done. The new app offers unique access into...
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Itchy and Scratchy Genetics

April 28, 2015
Some of us are just tastier, or at least to mosquitoes. Just in time for summer, a new study of twins by researchers at the London School of Hygiene &...
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Again With The Dress

March 26, 2015
We received a lot of comments and questions about 23andMe’s research regarding why people saw different colors when looking at the same striped dress. According to our findings the biggest...
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A Conversation With 23andMe Researcher Chao Tian

May 09, 2014
23andMe statistical geneticist Chao Tian discusses genetic research, including research around incorporating electronic health records in genetic studies.
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A Conversation With 23andMe Researcher Matthew McIntyre

May 02, 2014
23andMe scientist Matthew McIntrye talks about online survey methodology and research.
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The Power of One

May 01, 2014
23andMe allows consumers to easily participate in important genetic research if they choose.
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A Conversation with 23andMe’s Director of Research

April 23, 2014
This interview is part of an occasional series of profiles introducing you to the people behind 23andMe’s compelling research. Joyce Tung is the Director of Research at 23andMe. She has...
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Three New Research Projects from 23andMe

December 04, 2012
23andMe received more than half a million dollars recently from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for three research projects. The grants support some of the important online genome-wide association...
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23 A Go-Go

October 29, 2012
(Editor’s note: We’ve heard from some of you about issues with the new app. We’re addressing many of those now. For updates and more information go here. Thanks.) Because we...
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