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SNPwatch: Factors Influencing Permanent Tooth Development

Anyone who’s ever spent time around babies knows that teething can be disruptive and often painful. In that sense, the somewhat violent term “tooth eruption”—referring to the process of teeth breaking through the gums—seems rather appropriate. Most people experience this phenomenon twice, first when baby ...

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SNPwatch: Researchers Identify Variations Associated with When Junior Gets His First Chompers

Researchers have identified several genetic variations associated with the timing of a baby's first tooth and the number of teeth at age one. The results, published recently in the journal PLoS Genetics, could be important for understanding more about human health than just this rite of passage all babies ...

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Sasquatchsicle Anyone?

On Friday, we sent 23andMe Science Writing Intern Massie Ballon to the most unusual science news event she has ever covered — the announcement in a Palo Alto hotel that two men had discovered the body of a creature they believe to be Bigfoot while hiking in the woods of northern Georgia. This is her ...

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