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Seeing Double

Twins have long fascinated us as humans, so much so that twin stories are ingrained in the mythology of almost every culture. Beyond folklore, the study of twins has also become bedrock for much of what we know about the genetics of many traits, diseases and other conditions. For scientists, twins offer a ...

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Itchy and Scratchy Genetics

Some of us are just tastier, or at least to mosquitos. Just in time for summer, a new study of twins by researchers at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, found that genetics may play a role in why some of us get bit more often by mosquitos than others. Beyond being the bane of summer ...

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Why some people will have a hangover the morning after they ring in the New Year this year and others won’t, can at least be partially explained by genetics. There’s a lot of variability in how people respond to drinking. A lucky few, about 20 percent, have few symptoms from imbibing too much. But the rest ...

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Ten percent inspiration, ninety percent perspiration (and sixty percent genetics)

By Robin Smith In his 2008 bestseller Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell argued anecdotally that when it came to success, intelligence isn't everything. A study published this month in the journal PNAS found just that – by looking at the heritability of academic performance of teenagers on set of British ...

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Great Expectations for Personal Genomes

A study published yesterday in Science Translational Medicine from a group at Johns Hopkins University set out to determine the best-case power of genetics to provide clinically meaningful information about risk of common diseases. The authors did this using data from identical twin pairs: by seeing how often ...

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