Oct 31, 2023 - Health + Traits

A Health Action Plan for You

This week, 23andMe launched Health Action Plan, a new digital feature that combines genetic data, health history, and biomarkers from bloodwork to offer personalized recommendations for better health for 23andMe+ Premium members.

An image of the mobile version of the Health Action Plan recommendations page.
Tailored Recommendations

Health Action Plan can help customers take the next step for prevention, early detection of risk, and give people a path forward in their health journey. It offers customers personalized, specific actions and next steps. 23andMe created this new feature partly because many of our customers said they wanted help prioritizing what steps they should focus on to mitigate risk and optimize their health.

“We frequently hear from customers that they want to take action based on their genetic health information but don’t know where to start,” said Robin Smith, Ph.D., Director of 23andMe Product Management. “Health Action Plan provides them with a prioritized to-do list of recommendations based on their DNA or other self-reported health history that’s updated as new reports are released or as the science changes.”

The personalized recommendations from Health Action Plan are based on U.S. guidelines, and will help 23andMe+ Premium members focus on what’s most important for their health, and then give them actionable steps they can take to help improve their own health journey.

More than Just Genetics

This new feature is like a genetic check-up, but it includes much more than DNA data.

With a customer’s consent, Health Action Plan draws on genetic health reports as well as a person’s self-reported health history and blood test results. Together, this data helps inform tailored recommendations, prioritizing what are the most important steps for a customer to take. As customers answer health survey questions, 23andMe will be able to expand the breadth of recommendations made to customers, offering further insights on actions they should take next.

Health Action Plan also works in tandem with the other features such as the self reported health history and or answers to survey questions as well as features such as Health TracksSM.

An image of the mobile display for health tracks looking at different trajectories of risk based on genetics, and a healthy lifestyle.

Health Tracks uses data visualization to allow 23andMe+ Premium members see how making healthy changes, including taking steps recommended through Health Action Plan, could significantly bend the risk curve over time and steer them toward healthier outcomes, even for those with a higher genetic likelihood of developing one of those conditions.


Health Action Plan might include recommendations around diet, or reducing stress, improving sleep, or other lifestyle changes. But based on genetics in combination with non-genetic risk factors, Health Action Plan may also help identify the need for a customer to talk to a doctor or for more clinical services.

So, for example, if an individual’s  genetic health predisposition is an  increased likelihood for developing high triglycerides, a recommendation might be to get a blood test that looks at triglycerides and other lipids. This is important because while high triglycerides often have no symptoms, they can be a risk factor not just for heart disease but can be part of something called metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndromes increase the risk for serious conditions like heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.

For individuals with an increased likelihood for developing high triglycerides or who do currently have high triglycerides or other lipids, there are steps one can take including changes in diet and lifestyle that could help.

An image of the Health Action Plan recommendations.
23andMe and Blood Testing  

Eligible 23andMe+ Premium members may have the ability to have a healthcare provider order a lab test, and return results with a clinical analysis through the 23andMe experience.* 

A clinician ordered lab test can be done through the 23andMe experience and is both intuitive and simple. The test itself will be done at a local lab. Once the results are completed, customers will be able to not just view their results, but also have the opportunity to get a clinical analysis of your results from a Lemonaid Health clinician — Lemonaid Health is a telemedicine company owned by 23andMe. In addition, by adding this kind of bloodwork and biomarker data, customers can receive additional tailored recommendations that can be even further prioritized and continue to help identify potential health risks. 

While the new Health Action Plan might suggest getting additional lab tests or consulting with a healthcare provider, customers will also get lifestyle recommendations about things like diet and exercise.

If a customer wishes they can also dismiss or silent certain recommendations.

It’s important to note that none of the recommendations should be used to replace a visit to a primary care physician.

Find Out More

This initial release of Health Action Plan is part of 23andMe’s continued push to create genetically informed care for our customers. It aligns with our mission of empowering our customers by helping them access, understand, and benefit from the human genome.

This is just another addition to features and tools our customers can use to be more proactive about their health. 

23andMe+ Premium members can find the Health Action Plan feature under Health & Traits or go here.

Not yet a 23andMe+ Premium member? Find out more all that 23andMe has to offer and compare our services here.

*Blood testing through 23andMe is not available in NY, NJ, RI, OK, HI, PR

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