Oct 7, 2022 - Inside 23andMe

Happy Together at 23andMe


We’re all smiling a bit more at 23andMe this week on news from Comparably that 23andMe was singled out on lists not just as having the happiest employees, but also as one of the companies rated by employees as having the best compensation, perks & benefits as well as the best work-life balance.

The workplace review site Comparably compiled the lists based on anonymous employee reviews over the last year. The lists are based on sentiment ratings provided by current employees.

One of those anonymous reviews summed up a common refrain from employees about work at 23andMe:

“New challenges, plenty of opportunities to understand and implement solutions, and a vast amount of talent to learn from each other.” 

23andMe ranked 7th on the list of the “Happiest Employees,” drawing on data from employees’ attitudes on such things as compensation, company goals, and excitement about the work they do.

“Our data shows that the happiest employees are often those who feel valued by their employers through a variety of factors like competitive compensation, clear goals, work-life balance, and a general excitement working for their organizations,” said Comparably co-founder/CEO Jason Nazar.

Indeed, employees’ sentiment about compensation, work-life balance as well as perks & benefits, clearly played a role in their overall contentment. 23andMe was also included on lists for the “Best Company Compensation,”Best Work-Life Balance,” and “Best Perks & Benefits.”

Each of those rankings was also based on anonymous employee reviews. Earlier this year 23andMe also landed on Comparably’s 2022 list of Best Places to Work in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Want to learn more about working at 23andMe? Find out more here.

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