Feb 15, 2013 - 23andMe how to

Some Basics About Using 23andMe

Can 23andMe sample my dead relatives and why do you use spit to extract my DNA?

Inquiring minds want to know, or at least a lot of our customers do.
There really are no dumb questions and if you have something to ask, we’ve probably heard it before. 23andMe has a lot of resources for folks trying to learn the basics; from how do I register a kit to what’s a SNP.

While we like to write about interesting genetic breakthroughs and compelling stories about people using 23andMe in unique ways on the blog, there’s something to be said about just covering the basics.

Like why we use spit and can’t sample your dead relatives.

Leave it to two science teachers to attack these pressing questions and many more.

Dale Basler and Brian Bartel, who when they’re not molding young minds also have a podcast and blog called Lab Out Loud, spent some time with 23andMe scientist Emily Drabant talking about science and some of the basics of 23andMe.

Dale and Brian asked about spit samples and dead relatives along with questions about how our Relative Finder determines how closely related someone is to you or the relative importance of your individual risks for a particular disease or how that risk compares to the average.

Check out the Lab Out Loud’s podcast.

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