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23andMe Helps You Write The Story of Your DNA

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23andMe is adding another chapter to the book of you, and this one is an actual book called The Story of Your DNA.

23andMe customers can now create a beautifully printed book containing all their ancestry results, plus details of what their DNA says about their roots across the globe. Working with Blurb, 23andMe has created a book to leaf through at home to see not just your results, but also details about human migration, cultural touchstones from the places your DNA traces to, and a little bit about some of the traits you share with your relatives.

23andMe customers can order this keepsake for themselves, or, in the near future, they will be able to order a gift for a friend or family member with whom they are sharing their 23andMe results.

The colorful pages in The Story of Your DNA will include your Ancestry Composition, your Neanderthal ancestry, and the traits you share with your DNA Relatives, among other things.

Open the book on your story by signing into your account and going here. Not yet a customer? Find out more here.

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