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Drug Development’s Long And Winding Road

Before a medicine reaches pharmacy shelves, it goes through extensive and rigorous evaluation to prove it is safe and effective. We want to shed some light on a few of the steps involved in drug development and highlight how the work being done by 23andMe with the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Study can help ...

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The Molecular Barcode of Cancer — Targeting Treatment to Patient

Changes in DNA Underlie Cancer Cancer develops when normal cells in the body grow and reproduce uncontrollably because of “mistakes” in the DNA code. DNA (a copy of which is contained in each cell) contains finely tuned instructions for cell growth and production, but as cells copy and pass on this DNA they ...

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Incorporating Technology and DNA Testing into Clinical Trials

Many expensive clinical trials fail because the therapy causes harmful side effects in some or all participants or the drug isn’t effective across the board. Genetics may explain differences in response, but as of today DNA testing isn’t a standard part of clinical trials. Integrating genetic testing into ...

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Gaining Perspective on Metastatic Breast Cancer

A few of us from 23andMe attended the 6th Annual Conference for Women Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer two weekends ago in Philadelphia. This national conference is put on by a patient advocacy organization called Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) that empowers women affected by breast cancer to live ...

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Turning Research Participants Into Research Partners

Every year more than two million Americans take part in clinical trials. Many may not realize when they sign up that there is no requirement for the investigators running the trial to ever tell them the results. The same goes for many genetic studies. In fact, there is often a specific prohibition ...

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