Meet Curtis Midkiff, 23andMe’s Director of Global Social Engagement

July 27, 2022
23andMe's director of global social engagement, Curtis Midkiff shares his insights into how brands can both engage and learn from their audience. Curtis compares it to being a guest at a dinner party, be engaged, be entertaining but also read the room.
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Our 2022 Interns Part Two

July 17, 2022
Summer’s not over yet, and neither is our welcome to interns.  We introduced you to our first batch of summer interns last month. This month we’re welcoming the next group...
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Say Hey to Our 2022 Interns

June 23, 2022
It’s summer again, which means 23andMe has a new class of interns. Although the pandemic put a brief pause on our intern program, we restarted the program last year with interns working remotely. This year, we’ll have a hybrid program with some interns working remotely and others in the office or lab. This marks the fifth year of our program. s with each new class of interns, these talented young professionals will be working company-wide from internal communications and marketing to engineering and IT and from research and Therapeutics.
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Protect LGBTQ+ Rights and Health

June 06, 2022
By Jey McCreight, Ph.D. I keep hoping for the right moment to write this Pride 2022 blog post—the moment when the news isn’t all about another piece of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation,...
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Mental Health Awareness Month Tips You Can Use

May 26, 2022
May is Mental Health Awareness Month, but for many of us, the pandemic has brought mental health into focus. 23andMe wants to raise awareness about the issue, and give our employees...
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23andMe Named a 2022 Best Place to Work

April 04, 2022
23andMe has landed on Comparably’s 2022 list of Best Places to Work in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The list is based on sentiment ratings provided by current employees across...
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How an Employee Resource Group Amplifies Women’s Voices at 23andMe

March 01, 2022
As a business analyst in the San Francisco Bay Area, Lauren Trusheim is familiar with male-dominated workplaces.  “Coming from a data analytics and consulting background, I’m accustomed to being the...
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“You have to be willing to listen,” Valerie Jarrett on Creating an Inclusive Culture

February 23, 2022
When Valerie Jarrett was in her early 30s, everything was finally going according to plan. She had a law degree from the University of Michigan, a career at a prestigious...
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Patients Inspire Therapeutics Scientist

February 08, 2022
Both a physician and a scientist, John Mathews, a senior clinical development fellow on 23andMe’s Therapeutics team, said he is inspired by patients in the work he does, working where medicine and scientific discovery converge.
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23andMe Hosts Virtual R&D Day Featuring Company Scientists and Executives

January 14, 2022
3andMe will host a virtual research and development day next week to discuss announcements that include taking our first wholly-owned drug into a phase 1 clinical trial, as well as...
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