An estimated six million people worldwide are living with Parkinson’s disease.

No Cure

Over the last decade, 23andMe researchers and our collaborators have made important strides. We now have a better understanding of the causes and progression of the disease. 

Parkinson’s Research

Now 23andMe’s Parkinson’s Research Community is by far the largest cohort of its kind. Participants in this research, are both re-contactable and deeply phenotyped. It has become an enormous resource for Parkinson’s research.

Study On Side Effects of Parkinson’s Medication

August 04, 2022
A new genetic study may help those looking for ways to avert some of the troubling side effects of a common medication used to treat Parkinson’s disease.Parkinson’s is sometimes treated...
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Introducing the New Lead Scientist for Parkinson’s Research at 23andMe

March 21, 2022
Our bodies do a lot on autopilot — breathing, keeping our hearts going, sweating, digesting our food. But sometimes those automatic functions don’t work automatically.  So-called “autonomic dysfunction” is when...
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Preliminary Results from the Parkinson’s Impact Baseline Survey

December 10, 2020
By Eli Chanoff, 23andMe Research AssociateParkinson’s disease (PD) has been a central focus of 23andMe’s research since our company’s early years. Over more than a decade, we have grown a...
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Large Study Offers Insight into Parkinson’s

May 27, 2020
Using data from four million 23andMe research participants, scientists studying Parkinson's disease made new findings that may help efforts by drug hunters looking for ways to treat the disease. The study also included data from the Broad Institute's Genome Aggregation Database (gnomAD) and was one of seven published in the journal Nature Medicine that leverage this data meant to bring together exome and sequence data from many sources for researchers.
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23andMe’s Parkinson’s Research Community, More than a Decade of Discovery  

April 02, 2020
As part of Parkinson's Awareness month, 23andME looks back over the now 11 years since we formed the Parkinson's Research Community and note some of what we've accomplished.
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Powering Parkinson’s Research with My Blueprint 

November 28, 2019
Claudia shares her perspective on living with Parkinson's and on why she participates in Parkinson's research in this post that first appeared on the Michael J. Fox Foundation blog.
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Participating in 23andMe Research, A Customer’s Perspective

April 10, 2019
23andMe research participant Tony Garrett gives his perspective on why he is participating in research and his hopes for the future.
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New Parkinson’s Disease Research May Offer Promise for Early Detection

March 27, 2019
New Parkinson’s disease research by scientists at 23andMe has identified more than 100 phenotypic variables related to the disease, offering a potential step forward in efforts to diagnose Parkinson’s disease...
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October Insights into Parkinson’s Research

November 12, 2018
An update on recruitment for the Fox Insights Parkinson's research initiative.
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An Interview with 23andMe’s Parkinson’s disease program Manager Paul Cannon

September 21, 2018
23andMe's Parkinson's research community manager, Paul Cannon shares his experience with Deep Brain Stimulation to treat his Parkinson's symptoms.
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