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Researchers “Unzip” Their Genomes For The Public Good

A number of bloggers and researchers stand out in terms of their passion for personal genomics and in-depth coverage of this nascent industry. Many of them share 23andMe’s view that individuals should have access to their genetic information and share our vision of a future where this information has a ...

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Letter from Committee on Energy and Commerce

Today 23andMe received a letter from the Committee on Energy and Commerce of the United States House of Representatives asking that along with Navigenics and Pathway Genomics, we provide information about our genetic testing services. The letter was signed by Congressmen Henry A. Waxman from California, ...

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Leading Geneticist Spells Out the Promise of Personal Genomics

As the director of Britain's Wellcome Trust Center for Human Genetics, Peter Donnelly oversees research that provides vital raw material for the 23andMe Personal Genome Service™ — specifically, correlations between one-letter DNA variations, known as SNPs, and particular diseases. Those correlations are ...

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Fuhgetabouddit! Notes from Long Island, the Frontier of Personal Genomics (This Weekend)

The structure of DNA was first publicly described 55 years ago at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) on Long Island in New York by James Watson. Thursday night, the now 80-year-old Watson opened up the 2008 Personal Genomes meeting at CSHL by telling the story of the origins of the Human Genome Project, ...

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The Rest of the Iceberg

In a recent post we used an analysis of Craig Venter’s genome to illustrate how much has yet to be learned about the relationship between genetic variation and health-related traits. A new paper by Venter and colleagues at his Rockville, Maryland-based institute provides a prime example. Writing in the ...

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The Path to Personalized Healthcare in Step with Regulatory Oversight

The California Department of Public Health has made headlines in the past few weeks with its effort to rein in direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies. We were one of 13 companies who received a cease-and-desist letter from the department, to which we’ve responded (more on that here). We agree that ...

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