Gene Screen: Computational Biologist Aarathi Sugathan Uses Genetic Insights to Fuel Drug Discoveries

May 27, 2022
Senior Scientist of Computational Biologis Aarathi Sugathan uses genetic insights to identify and create actionable therapeutic targets for patients.
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Postdoc Opportunities at 23andMe

May 06, 2022
If you’re a recent Ph.D. graduate interested in opportunities to work with genetic data in the search for new insights into human disease and new treatments for those conditions, then...
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23andMe Launches Sarcoidosis Study

April 30, 2022
Diseases are considered rare if they affect fewer than 200,000 in the United States, but collectively rare diseases — there are nearly 7,000 — are more common than we realize,...
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23andMe’s Drug Discovery Process Explained

February 10, 2022
23andMe's vice president for human genetics, Adam Auton, explains how our unique database shapes our approach to drug discovery. It begins with human genetics, but it doesn't end there. 
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Patients Inspire Therapeutics Scientist

February 08, 2022
Both a physician and a scientist, John Mathews, a senior clinical development fellow on 23andMe’s Therapeutics team, said he is inspired by patients in the work he does, working where medicine and scientific discovery converge.
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Tackling Tough Problems with the 23andMe Therapeutics Team

October 12, 2021
Kipper Fletez-Brant, a computational biologist with our Therapeutics division, thought he’d be a physicist one day.Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, Kipper escaped the heat reading “hard-sci-fi novels” with mind-bending plots...
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Helping to Drive Discovery in 23andMe’s Therapeutics Division

September 21, 2021
Xin Fang’s interest in science started at the dinner table, listening to her parents talking about what they did each day. Both her mom and dad are plant scientists. Her mom...
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Talking About Rare Disease with Senior Scientist Suyash Shringarpure

September 14, 2021
23andMe senior scientist in statistical genetics, Suyash Shringarpure, Ph.D. talks about 23andMe's research model and how it offers a surprising opportunity in the study of rare diseases.
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23andMe and GSK Begin First Clinical Trial with Cancer Therapy

July 29, 2020
A drug to fight cancer will be the first potential therapy to emerge from 23andMe and GlaxoSmithKline collaboration as the two companies announced that the new therapy will begin clinical trials.
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Meet 23andMe’s Head of Therapeutics Kenneth Hillan

June 12, 2019
23andMe's Head of Therapeutics Kenneth Hillan, M.B., Ch.B., discussed his career and the vision for 23andMe's work in therapeutics
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