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Patients Perspective on Parkinson’s Disease

As federal regulators listened, patients told them of their symptoms — the sleepless nights, the days with uncontrollable tremors or the little struggles simply maintaining their balance. Some of those with Parkinson’s who spoke at the special U.S. Food and Drug Administration meeting in late ...

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Drug Development’s Long And Winding Road

Before a medicine reaches pharmacy shelves, it goes through extensive and rigorous evaluation to prove it is safe and effective. We want to shed some light on a few of the steps involved in drug development and highlight how the work being done by 23andMe with the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Study can help ...

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23andMe’s Research At ASHG 2014

Geneticists from all over the world have converged in San Diego this week as part of the American Society of Human Genetics annual meeting. A team of scientists from 23andMe joined the thousands of geneticists in attendances to present some of our own research. Below are links to some of the posters ...

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SNPwatch: More Evidence That Genetic Variations are Important for Hepatitis C Infection and Treatment

Unlike the flu virus, which the body is generally able to fight off completely, infection with hepatitis C is often chronic.  That means for most of the three to four million people worldwide who are newly infected each year the virus will persist in the body, where it greatly increases risk for chronic ...

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Researchers Take A Step Toward Developing New Drugs For Crohn’s Disease

Editor’s note: Pending an FDA decision, 23andMe no longer offers new customers access to health reports referred to in this post. Customers who purchased prior to November 22, 2013 will still be able to see their health reports, but those who purchased after that time will not. Those customers will have ...

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Researchers Warn That Drug Development Based On Obesity Genetics Could Deliver More Than Is Bargained For

Not surprisingly, there has been intense interest in the genetics of obesity in recent years.  Obesity is a major health problem, resulting in tens of thousands of premature deaths and billions of dollars in healthcare costs each year in the United States, and it is known from twin and family studies that ...

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